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23 Adorable Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Without Carving And The Mess

Do you love decorating with pumpkins, but detest the hard work and icky mess of carving jack o’ lanterns from fresh pumpkins? Here are 23 pumpkin decorating ideas without carving that you can re-use year after year. Spruce up your home with touches of fall with one of these beautiful, handmade pumpkin decorations.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Without Carving

Browse through these ideas to gather inspiration for making your own pumpkin decor if you are the crafty do-it-yourself type of person or purchase these pumpkin decorations from various artisans throughout Canada and the United States. You will find a selection of pumpkin decorations made from a variety of materials such as yarn and fabric, reclaimed wood, glass and recycled objects that add a seasonal touch to your home.

23 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Stuffed Knit Pumpkins

Stuffed Knit Pumpkins

Stuffed Knit Pumpkins available via NevadaKnits

Lighted Reclaimed Wood Jack O’ Lanterns

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins available via GFTWoodcraft

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin available via MidnightOwlCandleCo

Mini Felted Pumpkin

Felted Mini Pumpkin

Felted Mini Pumpkin available via wildethyme

Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin

Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins - Halloween Print

Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin available via SugarbloomsCountry

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin Decoration

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin available via ajjewelrydesigns

Wooden Jack O’ Lantern

Rustic Wooden Jack O' Lantern Decoration

Wooden Jack O’ Lantern Decoration available via PuraVidaTurnings

Stuffed Burlap Pumpkins

Burlap Stuffed Pumpkins

Burlap Stuffed Pumpkins available via thelittlegreenbean

Book Page Pumpkin

Book Page Pumpkin

Book Page Pumpkin available via HBixbyArtworks

Reclaimed Wood Square Block Pumpkins

Reclaimed Wood Block Pumpkins

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins available via GFTWoodcraft

Paisley Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin

Paisley Stuffed Pumpkin

Paisley Stuffed Pumpkins available via ChickadeeRustics

Rustic Wood Pumpkins

Rustic Wood Pumpkins

Wooden Pumpkins available via CornerOfTheShop

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Reclaimed Barn Wood Pumpkins

Reclaimed Barn Wood Pumpkins available via RefunkedJunkies

Fairytale Velvet Pumpkins With Silver Spoon Stems

Velvet Pumpkin With Silver Spoon Stem

Velvet Pumpkins available via PumpkinheadStudio

Galvanized Bucket Jack O’ Lantern

Vintage Galvanized Pail - Jack O' Lantern

Galvanized Pumpkin Pail available via RefunkedJunkies

Rustic Wood Burlap Pumpkin Sign

Rustic Burlap Wood Pumpkin Sign

Rustic Wood Burlap Pumpkin Sign available via EightPalms

Ceramic Pumpkins

Ceramic Decorative Pumpkins

Decorative Ceramic Pumpkins available via TLCCeramicsIL

Pumpkin Cutting Board

Pumpkin Wood Cutting Board

Pumpkin Cutting Board available via jobemacstudios

Grapevine Pumpkin

Grapevine Pumpkin

Grapevine Pumpkin available via ThePumpkinLadies

Mesh Pumpkin Door Hanger

Pumpkin Mesh Door Hanger

Mesh Pumpkin Door Hanger available via CoffeeGoingCold

Monogram Pumpkin Door Hanger

Monogram Pumpkin Door Hanger

Monogram Pumpkin Door Hanger available via Underthekentuckysun

Wine Cork Pumpkin Decoration

Wine Cork Pumpkin Decor

Wine Cork Pumpkin Decoration available via GroupTherapyWine

White Pumpkin Pallet Wood Sign

Pallet Pumpkin Sign

Pallet Pumpkin Sign available via HavenAmerica

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas helpful and inspiring. What ideas do you have for decorating your home in the fall? Do you like decorating with the soft, warm tones of autumn or do you prefer to decorate in the spirit of Halloween?

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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Without Carving


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