Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners That Will Make You Money Fast

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Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners

So, do you want to make money from affiliate marketing, but have no idea where to start? You have come to the right place! Below you will find a list of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners that will teach you everything you need to start making money fast.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners

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Pajama Affiliates

The Pajama Affiliates courses are the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners to start with, and they are great for intermediate and advanced bloggers too. No matter how long you have been blogging, there is always something new to learn.

Robin and Lesley, the two lovely ladies behind the scenes, are committed to helping bloggers create amazing blogs that are both profitable and fulfilling. They won’t just take your money and leave you hanging. They want you to succeed and are always available to help, pointing you in the right direction with helpful advice and tips.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle

The Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle priced at $199 is an amazing value for your money! You will learn everything you need to know to start a blog and make money with affiliate marketing.

This bundle includes 6 comprehensive classes that cover an array of topics including setting up a WordPress blog, how to find your niche, research keywords, and how to target an audience and convert sales.

You can also purchase each of the classes included in the bundle on their own. This is great for people with limited financial resources, or for just brushing up on a specific topic.

What’s Included:

  • Blogging Course for Beginners ($97 value): Everything you need to know to set up a WordPress blog, find a profitable niche, find affiliate programs, learn search engine optimization, write unique content, create blog post graphics, research keywords, discover the type of keywords that generate sales, source free commercial use images, and share your content on social media.
  • How To Find Your Niche ($19 value): This course will help you discover your passions or problems, and help determine whether there is an audience for your passions or problems and if that audience is monetizable.
  • How To Target An Audience ($57 value): This course helps you to drill down and nail your target audience, thus increasing your conversion rate. With higher conversions, you convert more sales. Who are your readers? Learn how to attract a focused audience, and how to target that audience who are in the buying stage.
  • Keyword and Seo for Beginners ($77 value): A must-have course! This course teaches you how to find keywords your buyers are looking for, the difference between browser keywords and buyer keywords, how to analyze your competition, how to use long tail keywords, effective keyword placements and interlinking strategies, increasing page views, and so much more.
  • Buyer Keyword Upgrade ($29 value): Follow up the keyword and SEO course with this course all about buyer keywords. Learn how to target an audience with keywords that sell. This course teaches you how to find keywords that solve a problem by selling a solution. You will learn about the buyers funnel, and how to add value at different stages of the funnel.
  • How to Write a Blog Post That Converts Sales ($57 value): This is their most popular course, teaching you how to write a blog post that will make you money consistently and reliably. They teach you simple strategies and techniques to develop a blog post that will leave your audience begging you to take their money.


Blogging Life Class

The Blogging Life Class priced at just $49 is for discovering your passion or reason for blogging. It is about finding your tribe and creating a community. It is about discovering how you want to show up in the world and be your most authentic self.

If you have any pre-conceived ideas that to make money from affiliate marketing you need to sell your soul, this is the class for you. Making money from affiliate marketing doesn’t have to feel icky if it is done honestly and with transparency.

The Blogging Life Class digs deep and helps you discover how you can give back in a meaningful and honest way.


Higher Commissions Academy

The Higher Commissions Academy, priced at $69, is great for intermediate or advanced bloggers who are tired of blogging for low commissions (sorry Amazon) and want to increase their income potential with high paying affiliates.

If you are here as a beginner, you are at an amazing advantage to learn how to work with high paying affiliates right from the start. This course teaches you how to find high paying affiliates in your niche and convert them into sales.

You can easily make the cost of this course back with only one or two high paying commission sales.


Canva to Amazon Crash Course

The Canva to Amazon Crash Course is for bloggers who want to learn how to take their digital workbooks, planners, e-books, and journals and turn them into physical books to be sold in the Amazon Marketplace. This course is unlike any other course that is included in the teachings of affiliate marketing.

Priced at only $25, this course is a steal for anyone looking to self-publish books on Amazon. Best of all, the tools are free. It doesn’t cost a penny to create and upload books to the Amazon Marketplace.

In addition to making money from affiliates, you can earn a stream of passive income by creating your own products. What kinds of workbooks or journals could you create that would be helpful to your niche? The possibilities are endless!


Pajama Party VIP Club Membership

The Pajama Party VIP Club Membership, priced at $179 per year, is for serious-minded bloggers who are dedicated to putting the hard work in that a blog requires, but needs a little assistance along the way. It is a focused group of bloggers all working together to achieve the same goal – to create amazing content and make some money!

The Pajama Affiliates VIP Club Membership comes with many awesome benefits including:

  • Access to a private chat room
  • Discounted prices on all courses and classes
  • Free upgrades on purchased classes
  • Blog evaluation
  • Exclusive access to Group Coaching classes
  • 30-minute private coaching call
  • Opportunity to be chosen to have a complete makeover on one of your posts
  • Free access to mini-courses as they become available
  • Exclusive share thread for other members to share your content (and vice versa)
  • Printable planner pages
  • Higher affiliate commission than non-members for recommending the Pajama Affiliates courses


Pajama Affiliates Mentoring Services

The Pajama Affiliates Mentoring Services are the best bang for your buck, and are perfect for bloggers who want a little more hands-on personalized help. They offer two tiers of mentoring services, priced at $300 and $579, designed to fit bloggers needs at different stages of the game.

Both mentoring packages include 1 year of mentoring services and support including:

  • 1 year VIP Club Membership
  • 2 30-minutes private coaching calls
  • Private chat group with Robin and Lesley
  • In-depth blog evaluation
  • 20% discount on further mentoring services if needed

The higher priced mentoring package also includes lifetime access to a collection of their most popular courses including:

  • How To Target An Audience
  • How to Write a Blog Post That Converts Sales
  • Buyer Keyword Upgrade
  • Genius Sales Hack for WordPress Users
  • The Sales Connection
  • Canva to Amazon Crash Course


Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate is a robust affiliate marketing platform that includes hands-down, the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners and experienced bloggers ever! Not only do they teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, they will also host your websites on their superior performance WordPress web hosting platform at no extra cost.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a monthly recurring subscription costing only $49 per month. For one low monthly fee, you receive access to all their affiliate marketing courses, live videos, 1-on-1 coaching, plus web hosting for up to 50 websites. Yes, you read that right! They will host up to 50 niche websites as part of your monthly subscription.

In addition, you have unlimited access to the premium Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool which by itself costs $49 month. Now that is a bargain!!

Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are committed to helping others build passive incomes and provide an environment that is both affordable and abundant with knowledge and resources.

What’s Included:

⇒ Managed WordPress Hosting: Host up to 25 WordPress websites using one of their free sub-domains, and up to 25 WordPress websites using your own domains. This is ideal for individuals who want to build multiple niche sites. Your membership includes access to over 3000 website designs, over 50,000 add-ons (plugins), WHOIS privacy protection, 24/7 support, security, unlimited email accounts, spam protection, advanced DNS management, free SSL certificates, and instant set-up.

⇒ Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: One of the tools I recommend every blogger use is a keyword research tool. Included with your membership is access to Jaaxy, valued at $49/month, which alone pays for the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

⇒ Weekly Live Classes: Access to a weekly interactive live class from industry experts, plus access to over 300 hours of replays. Each week you will have the opportunity to advance your skill sets with insights into new, and leading-edge strategies

⇒ 1000’s Training Modules: You will receive access to 1000’s of training modules, a 70-course affiliate bootcamp, and a 50-course online entrepreneurship certification. You will learn everything to turn you into a thriving and successful entrepreneur. Some of the topics covered include affiliate marketing, e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, Adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc.

⇒ Ultimate Writing Platform: Create your content on a state-of-the-art writing platform with built-in tools including a grammar checker, spelling checker, plagiarism checker, and template builder. You will also receive access to over 1,000,000 commercial use stock graphics to enhance your content and make it beautiful and shareable.

⇒ Join Community Of 1.2 Million Members: Wealthy Affiliate has the largest base of 1.2 million aspiring and successful Internet entrepreneurs in the world, available to communicate and network with. You have access to 24/7 help to any questions you may have. Most questions are answered in under 5 minutes. You all have access to mentors who are ready and willing to help you grow your business.

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