Lemon Coconut Popsicles An Adorable Easter Bunny Dessert Recipe

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These Easter Bunny Lemon Coconut Popsicles made with unsweetened coconut milk, sweetened coconut, freshly squeezed lemon juice and dipped into a creamy white chocolate magic shell coating are almost too cute to eat! | Glitter 'N' Spice

Easter Bunny Lemon Coconut Popsicles made with the kids this weekend were almost too cute to eat. Almost. Despite their cuteness, the kids devoured the popsicles, bunny ears, nose, tail, and all, leaving not a single whisker or hair behind!

These lemony popsicles are the perfect treat to enjoy on a warm Spring day or during Easter celebrations. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to decorate the popsicles to look like Easter bunnies and to get the recipe.

I made these lemon coconut popsicles with unsweetened coconut milk, sweetened shredded coconut, and fresh lemon juice. When the popsicles were done freezing, we dipped them in a white chocolate magic shell coating and decorated them with melted chocolate, shredded coconut, and candy sprinkles.

If you were to turn the popsicles around, you would see that I added a white Hershey Kiss candy to the backside of the popsicles to make a bunny tail.

I didn’t add any additional sugars because the sweetened coconut sweetens the popsicles perfectly. If you prefer to use unsweetened coconut, you will need to add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the mixture.

Easter Bunny Lemon Coconut Popsicles Dipped in White Chocolate

They look a little complicated at first glance, but they are actually quite easy to make using the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and Zoku Chocolate Station. It took just under 20 minutes to make and freeze 6 lemon coconut popsicles for decorating. I spent another 20 minutes or so decorating the popsicles.

Easter Bunny Lemon Coconut Popsicles Made In The Zoku Quick Pop Maker

I used white chocolate chips and a red oil-based food dye to make the chocolate bunny ears. Use oil-based food dyes when working with chocolate because if you add water or alcohol-based food dyes, the chocolate will seize, leaving you with a dry, clumpy mess.

Furry Easter Bunny Lemon Coconut Popsicles

Are you ready to learn how to make these adorable Easter bunny lemon coconut popsicles yourself? First, you will need to make and freeze a batch of lemon coconut popsicles. You can grab a copy of my recipe from the bottom of this post. The recipe makes six popsicles made in a Zoku Quick Pop Maker. It can be doubled or tripled as needed.

How To Make Easter Bunny Popsicles

Melt 2/3 cup of white chocolate chips and 1/3 cup coconut oil using either a double boiler or your microwave. If you are using a double broiler, wipe the outside of the bowl or pot you are melting the chocolate in before pouring the melted chocolate into the Zoku Chocolate Station. You don’t want any water drips to land in your chocolate because it will seize. If you don’t own the chocolate station, you can use a wide drinking glass instead. Just make sure it is wide enough to accommodate the popsicle.

How To Make Chocolate Dipped Popsicles In The Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Dip each popsicle into the melted chocolate and hold it upside down for a few seconds to allow the excess chocolate to drip off. Turn it upright and hold for 15 seconds or so until the chocolate is completely hardened. Place the dipped popsicles in the Zoku Storage Case or on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and place them in the freezer until you are ready to decorate them.

If you want to make “furry” Easter Bunny popsicles, immediately after dipping the lemon coconut popsicles into the white chocolate, quickly dredge them in shredded coconut on both sides. You will need to work quickly because the white chocolate magic shell will harden very fast.

Dredge Chocolate Dipped Popsicles In Coconut

Next, make the chocolate bunny ears. You will need to make two ears for each popsicle. Place 1/2 cup white chocolate chips into a disposable decorating bag. Place the bottom of the bag into a cup of hot water. The chocolate will melt within a minute or two. I find this easier and less messy than trying to pour the melted chocolate into the bag.

Line a small cookie sheet with parchment paper. Pipe out the outline of a bunny ear, measuring about 1 1/2 inches high, onto the paper and fill in with more chocolate. Repeat until you have 12 bunny ears.

Pipe White Chocolate Onto Parchment Paper In The Shape Of Bunny Ears

Twist the very end of the decorating bag closed and add a small drop of red oil based dye into the remainder of the chocolate through the top of the bag. Holding the closed-end tightly, squish the chocolate around until the red dye is blended evenly into the chocolate. Untwist the bottom of the bag and pipe the now pink chocolate onto the center of the white bunny ears. Place the cookie sheet into the freezer for 5 minutes to harden the bunny ears. Keep in the freezer until you are ready to use them because they will be easier to handle when you are “gluing” them to the popsicles.

How To Make Chocolate Bunny Ears

Place 1/4 cup of milk chocolate chips inside a disposable decorating bag and melt the chocolate the same as above, using a cup of hot water. Snip a very small piece from the bottom of the bag to pipe the chocolate from.

Work with one lemon coconut popsicle at a time to avoid the popsicles from softening. Pipe a dime-sized amount of melted chocolate onto the bottom back of one bunny ear and place it onto the top left corner of the popsicle. Repeat with the second ear, placing it on the top right side of the popsicle.

How To Decorate Popsicles To Look Like Easter Bunnies

Pipe two small dots of chocolate onto the middle of the popsicle for the eyes. Pipe a nose below the eyes and quickly place a pink heart-shaped candy sprinkle onto the center. Pipe two or three whiskers on each side of the nose and then finally, pipe a mouth underneath the nose.

How To Decorate Popsicles To Look Like Easter Bunnies

Turn the popsicle over and pipe a dot of melted chocolate onto the bottom of a white Hershey Kiss and place it on the bottom center of the popsicle to make a bunny tail. Place the popsicle back in the freezer and move on to the next popsicle until they are all decorated.

Glue A Hershey Kiss To The Backside Of The Popsicles With Melted Chocolate To Make A Bunny Tail

That’s it! Store the Easter bunny lemon coconut popsicles in the freezer until you are ready to eat them. Using the Zoku Storage Case, the popsicles are stored upright and they don’t touch each other or move around, protecting the bunny ears and tails. These lemon coconut popsicles can be enjoyed any time of the year, just skip the Easter bunny decorations and serve them plain. Enjoy!

I started with the tail, my daughter ate the ears first and my son popped the bunny nose in his mouth first! What part of the Easter bunny would you eat first? The ears, nose, or tail?

Happy Easter!

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