How To Make Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Paperclip Bookmarks

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Instead of buying paper Valentines for your child to hand out to his or her class this year, make these lovely paperclip bookmarks from polymer clay instead. Follow this easy tutorial for kids and adults and learn how to make heart shaped polymer clay paperclip bookmarks.

How To Make Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Paperclip Bookmarks

A Simple & Easy Polymer Clay Craft For Valentine’s Day

This is a craft that can be done with kids of all ages, though the younger kids will need an adult to help them bake them in the oven. Kids young and old love working with clay and even though I am all grown up, it is still one of my favorite mediums to work with.

These make lovely gifts for grandparents, teachers, girlfriends and bookworms. You can even make the gift more special by inserting a handmade heart bookmark into a brand new copy of a book they are dying to read.

Supplies You Need To Make These Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Paperclip Bookmarks

Supplies Needed For Polymer Clay Bookmarks

Gather your supplies. You will need a few different colors of polymer clay, small heart cookie cutters, a texture stamp, an acrylic rolling pin and a handful of paperclips. I have included links to Amazon with the best prices of the materials and tools I used in the project list below.

Time required: 30 minutes + 15 minutes baking time

Difficulty: easy

Cost: inexpensive



How To Make Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Bookmarks Instructions

1. Condition The Clay

How To Condition Polymer Clay

Condition the polymer clay for a few minutes using a clay conditioning machine or with your hands until it is soft and smooth. Kids love this job!

2. Roll The Clay To A 1/2 Inch Thickness

Flatten The Ball Of Polymer Clay With An Acrylic Roller

Roll out each color of clay to a 1/2″ thickness using an acrylic roller. If you don’t have one, you can use the side of a drinking glass or plastic container instead. Polymer clay tends to stick to wooden rolling pins, so I don’t recommend using one.

3. Press A Texture Stamp Into The Clay

Press A Textured Stamp Into The Polymer Clay

Take a texture stamp and press firmly into the clay. For an extra layer of color, rub the stamp on an ink pad before pressing into the clay. If you don’t have a texture stamp, look around your house for objects that have a texture or pattern that can be pressed into the clay. You’ll be amazed at what you can find!

4. Cut Out Heart Shapes With A Cookie Cutter

Cut A Heart From The Polymer Clay With A Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Using a 2″ heart cookie cutter, cut out however many bookmarks you would like to make. Making one for Grandma is just as easy as making 30 for school class party.

5. Insert A Paperclip Into The Bottom Of Each Heart

Polymer Clay Heart Paperclip Bookmark

Insert a metal paper clip into the bottom of each heart. Gently press the clay to snugly secure the clip. Just make sure you insert the clip single side up so it can be slipped onto the pages of a book.

Variations You Can Make

Heart Inside A Heart Polymer Clay Bookmark

Cut a mini heart from the center.

Pink And Blue Polymer Clay Bookmarks

And place on top of a different color of clay rolled to a 1/4″ thickness. Using the heart cutter, carefully cut out the bottom layer.

Heart Inside A Heart Paperclip Bookmark

Insert a mini heart inside the cut-outs and gently press the two hearts together.

Double Heart Polymer Clay Bookmarks

Or, place a mini heart on top.

Brush Glaze Over The Polymer Heart Bookmarks

Next, you need to bake the bookmarks in an oven or toaster oven according to the baking instructions on the brand of polymer clay you are using. Kids, you will need to ask your parents to help you with this. I use Sculpey clay which requires 15 minutes in a 275F degree oven.

When they are cool, you can add a layer of protection by brushing on a finishing glaze or mod podge.

How To Make Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Bookmarks

Attach the polymer clay paperclip bookmarks to paper valentines or cards to make these inexpensive and candy-free valentines for kids.

Did you find this tutorial for making heart shaped polymer clay paperclip bookmarks helpful? Do your children hand out valentines for school?

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How To Make Polymer Clay Paperclip Bookmarks