Chocolate Dipped Orange Popsicles

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Do you love the taste of chocolate and orange together? I am crazy for it! These sweet and tangy Chocolate Dipped Orange Popsicles are heaven on earth.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Popsicles

Orange and chocolate are one of my favorite flavor combinations.  I always look forward to finding a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the bottom of my stocking on Christmas day, but it is a sad day when I finish off the last slice, knowing that I have to wait a whole year for another one.  

Now, I can enjoy the same great taste with one of these Chocolate Dipped Orange Popsicles, made with freshly squeezed orange juice and dipped into melted chocolate. They hit the spot perfectly, satisfying my sweet urge for a chocolate orange treat any time of the year. These would be especially good on a hot, summers day too.  Like Christmas in summertime!

We made these popsicles in our Zoku Quick Pop Maker which I love, love, love.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

This fun kitchen gadget makes it so easy to make all kinds of homemade popsicles using everyday ingredients found in your fridge and cupboards. And the best part is that the popsicles are ready to eat  in just 10 minutes. 

These orange popsicles are so easy to make, kids can make these too!  Just pour some freshly squeezed orange juice into the Zoku and you will have a healthy snack ready in just 10 minutes. For a special treat, add a slice of orange or a few chocolate chips to the popsicles. Store bought 100% pure orange juice works just as well and it is super convenient to always have on hand, especially for kids!

Orange PopsiclesAfter the orange popsicles are frozen, remove them from the popsicle maker using the Zoku super tool. Make a batch of magic shell chocolate sauce and pour it into the Zoku Chocolate Station. Dip the frozen popsicles into the chocolate and watch how it hardens instantly into a crunchy, hard crack shell.

Zoku Chocolate Station

These orange popsicles are so good and they are healthy for you too. The darker the chocolate you use, the healthier they are for you. Do you have picky kids? The Zoku is great for getting picky kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, especially when they are in a popsicle.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Popsicles

If you love frozen treats, you should check out more of my homemade Zoku popsicle recipes. Some are healthy and some are purely a guilty pleasure, but they are all super delicious!

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