Polar Bear Poop Giftable And Free Printable

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(Last Updated On: June 28, 2018)

Looking for an easy and fun gift idea for the holidays? These Polar Bear Poop Giftables make wonderfully silly and light-hearted giftables for friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors and service people.

Polar Bear Poop Giftable And Free PrintableYou only need a few ingredients to make these beary cute giftables; icy milk chocolate squares, 1/2 pint or pint sized mason jars and ribbon. And a printer to print the free printables included at the end of this post. Cute and easy!

I love the individually wrapped,  icy milk chocolate squares that you can buy at corner stores and gas stations. When I was a kid, they cost .25 each and now, I believe they are .50 a piece. During the Christmas season, you can buy these chocolates by the bucket, much to my waistlines dismay, I buy a bucket or two each year.

Being from Canada and all, I thought these would make super cute polar bear “poop” treats to give to my fellow Canadian friends, as well as the ones visiting for the ski season from down under. In Canada, we have Moritz Icy Chocolate Squares, whereas if you live in the US, you can use Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes.

Polar Bear Poop Mason Jar GiftableThese only take a couple of minutes to assemble. First, print a copy of the free printable and cut out the labels you would like to use. For making a polar bear poop mason jar giftable, fill a jar with icy milk chocolate squares and screw the lid onto the jar.

Polar Bear Poop In A Jar Gift Idea With Free PrintableTape a round label to the top of the lid. Cover with a circular piece of sheer material approximately 5 inches in diameter. Wrap some sparkly, silver ribbon around the rim of the jar to secure the material.

Polar Bear Poop Printable Poem Gift TagTie a polar bear poop poem label to the top of the jar with another piece of ribbon or glue it to the center of the jar.

Polar Bear Poop - Icy Chocolate SquaresThese make cute stocking stuffers and party favors too! Stack three icy chocolate squares on top of one another and tie together with a piece of ribbon.

Polar Bear Poop - Chocolate Ice CubesI like to stack the chocolates three high because two is just a teaser and four is too much to hold together with the ribbon. Three is just right!

Polar Bear Poop Giftables, Stocking Stuffers And Party FavorsTie a square or round label to the stack of chocolates. Voila! You have a fun treat for class parties, Christmas or winter themed parties or even as a super silly wedding favor.

Free Printable Polar Bear Poop Poem And Tags

Polar Bear Poop Free Printable Poem And Gift Tags

Download Polar Bear Poop Poem And Tags

Click on the image or the download link above to open a high resolution pdf file. Select the ‘save’ icon to save the printable to your hard drive or select the ‘printer’ icon to print it right away. You will need a pdf reader to view and print this printable.

These polar bear poop printables are the copyright of www.glitternspice.com and for personal use only. You are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and chilly gift idea for the holidays. Happy holidays!

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Polar Bear Poop Giftable And Free Printable

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