Rainbow In A Jar & Free Rainbow Printables

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Bottle a rainbow and its lucky pot of gold to share with your friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day with one of these sweet Rainbow In A Jar good luck gifts overflowing with chocolate rainbows, a pile of gold coins, marshmallow clouds and a pinch of good luck.

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow PrintablesThe kids had a ton of fun making these rainbow in a jar gifts for their friends and they were so easy to put together. They not only make special gifts for St. Patrick’s Day, but they are the perfect gift to give to someone whose day may need a little brightening. Thinking of throwing a rainbow themed birthday party? These make super cute party favors to send home with party guests. Package one up for your sweetie or a friend you haven’t seen in ages to let them know you are thinking of them. They make a great gift for kids and adults for just about any occasion.

Supplies You Need:

  • colored chocolate candies
  • gold coins
  • marshmallows
  • half-pint mason jars
  • ribbon

You will need approximately 200 grams of rainbow colored chocolate candies, 4 gold coins, a dozen mini marshmallows and a pinch of good luck to fill a half pint mason jar. I purchased a mega-sized bag of M & M chocolate candies from Amazon for a great price and picked up the gold coins and marshmallows at our Dollar Store. Instead of M & M’s, you can use Skittles or Smarties too.

 How To Make A Rainbow In A Jar

How To Make A Rainbow In A Jar

  • Dump out the colored chocolate candies and sort by color into small piles and eat all the brown ones.
  • Place 4 large or 6 small gold chocolate coins into the bottom of a half pint jar.
  • Start layering in the different colors of M & M’s to look like the spectrum of the rainbow starting with red, then orange, yellow, green and then blue.
  • Fill the rest of the space at the top of the jar with mini white marshmallows for the clouds.
  • Decorate the jars with a pretty ribbons and attach a colorful jar topper and gift tag.

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

Tie a pretty ribbon around the rim of the jar and attach a colorful jar topper and gift tag. Below you will find 2 free rainbow printables that you are welcome to print and use. The first is a set of 2 inch square printable rainbow gift tags which include 4 different sayings and the second is a set of 2 inch round rainbow jar toppers that fit the tops of half-pint and pint sized mason jars.

4 Printable Rainbow In A Jar Gift Tags

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

Attach a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” gift tag to the rainbow in a jar gifts to make lovely St. Patrick’s Day gifts for teachers, coaches or your neighbors. Do your children believe in leprechauns? Do they chase rainbows looking for gold? Treat your kids to a fun surprise and leave a jar of these sweet treats for them to find from the lucky leprechauns.

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

“You’re The Pot Of Gold At The End Of My Rainbow” gift tag is perfect for using on St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just for when you want to let someone know how special they are to you.

Rainbow In A Jar Gift Tag | There's Always A Rainbow After The Storm

A rainbow in a jar gift paired with a “There’s Always A Rainbow After The Storm” gift tag makes a bright and cheery gift for someone who is going through a difficult time or have obstacles to overcome.

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

Attach an “I’m Over The Rainbow For You” gift tag to a rainbow in a jar to make a super cute gift for a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or child for Valentine’s or when you want to let someone know how much they are loved.

Free Printable Rainbow Gift Tags

Free Printable Rainbow Gift Tags

DOWNLOAD Printable Rainbow Gift Tags

I made 4 bright and colorful rainbow jar toppers for attaching to the tops of the lids including a rainbow polka dot pattern, a rainbow chevron pattern and two toppers with illustrations of rainbows.

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

The toppers measure 2 inches in diameter and fit half-pint and pint sized mason jars. To use these jar toppers on larger jars, mat them onto a piece of cardstock that is sized for a larger lid.

Free Printable Rainbow Jar Toppers

 Free Printable Rainbow Jar Toppers

DOWNLOAD Printable Rainbow Jar Toppers

How To Download And/Or Print These Free Rainbow Printables

  • Click the download link or image of the printable you wish to use to open the high resolution file. It is important to note that right-clicking on the images of the printables displayed on this page will not yield quality printing results. They have been resized for the web and are not high resolution, which are not optimal for printing.
  • The high resolution printable will open in google docs. Each printable measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches. To ensure the printables don’t get cropped or shrunk, click on +More Settings and select none under margins. Select how many copies you would like and click print.
  • To save these printables to your computer to use at a later time, click the save icon and select a folder where you wish to store the printables.

These rainbow printables are free for personal use only and you are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes. Please do not share the png file links directly, instead, please direct visitors to this page so they may download their own copy. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy these free rainbow printables!

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow PrintablesI hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed making these sweet rainbow in a jar gifts and I hope you find these rainbow printables useful! May all your days be filled with sunshine, rainbows and good luck!

Rainbow In A Jar | Free Rainbow Printables

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