Raspberry Limeade Slushie Recipe

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With this crazy, hot weather we have been experiencing, my kids are always begging for a slushie from the concession at the park. I don’t mind splurging for what is basically a cup of frozen water, sugar and food dye once in awhile as a special treat, but the rest of the time, I prefer to offer my kids healthier drink options. So instead, we have been making our own versions of homemade slushies in our Zoku Slush And Shake Maker that are much healthier for the body and taste a thousand times better.

One of my son’s favorite drinks is this refreshing Raspberry Limeade Slushie. It is packed with fresh raspberries and freshly squeezed limes with a hint of sweetness and a burst of tartness that will make your lips pucker up and leave your ears tingling. This fruity and tart frozen slush is the perfect thirst quencher to enjoy on a hot day, and it also serves double duty as a light and refreshing snack.

Raspberry Limeade Slushie Recipe

I received a Zoku Slush & Shake Maker free of charge to try in exchange for writing a recipe. I am not being compensated for this post, but it does contain affiliate links which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to make a purchase. The opinions expressed on this page are purely my own.

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This raspberry limeade slushie recipe makes enough for two Zoku Slush & Shake Makers. If you want to make one large serving, continue adding the liquid to the slushie cup as you eat the frozen slush. Each slushie contains a whole cup of fruit and the juice of one lime, plus a little sugar to sweeten it up and balance out the tartness. If you prefer to skip the sugar, you can substitute with light agave nectar instead. That’s it! Only three ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors or empty calories.

How To Make Raspberry Limeade In A Zoku Slush & Shake Maker

Freeze the Zoku Slush & Shake Maker ahead of time for at least 12 hours and start with chilled ingredients. It will take longer for warm or room temperature ingredients to freeze and will cause the cup to thaw faster.

Add the raspberries, lime juice, superfine sugar and water to a blender. Blend on high for 1 or 2 minutes, until the mixture is smooth with no lumps remaining. Pour half the mixture into each slushie cup.  The mixture will start freezing to the sides of the cup immediately. Start scraping the sides with the plastic Zoku spoon, folding the frozen bits into the center of the cup. Continue scraping and stirring for about 10 minutes, or until the mixture has turned into an icy slush. Dig in and pucker up!

Raspberry Limeade Slushie | Zoku Slushie Recipe

When you are done enjoying your raspberry limeade slushie, simply wash the cup in warm, mild soapy water and dry really well. Place the cup back in the freezer so it is ready for the next time.

Raspberry Limeade Slushie | Zoku Slushie Recipe

With a Zoku Slush & Shake Maker,  it so easy and fun for the whole family to prepare healthy, homemade slushies.  The slushie cups are personal sized, so I would recommend that each member of the family have their own slush maker so everyone can get involved in the fun. With 5 bright colors to choose from, each person is able to have their own cup in their favorite color, or you can mix and match. The possibilities and combinations of ingredients you can use are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

The inspiration for this recipe came from the Strawberry Lemonade recipe included in The Art Of Slush Recipe Book. Instead of strawberries and lemons, I used fresh raspberries and limes. The raspberries are so good this year, I have already bought 4 flats, none of which have made it into the freezer yet. We have used up quite a lot of the berries making this super yummy raspberry limeade slush and the rest we have eaten plain.

Raspberry Limeade Slushie Recipe

Raspberry Limeade Slushie | Zoku Slushie Recipe

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