Sewing Craft For Kids: How To Make T-Shirt Pillows

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Sewing for kids has never been so much fun! Refashion old t-shirts into cute, decorative pillows with this super simple sewing craft for kids. Pillows are one of the easiest sewing projects for beginners, with so many options of different sizes, shapes and materials available.

Sewing Craft For Kids - Learn How To Make T-Shirt Pillows

Decorate A Bedroom With DIY T-Shirt Pillows

During a recent purge of my daughter’s dresser drawers, she had four t-shirts she couldn’t bear to give away, even though she is too cool for character shirts now that she is a teenager and the other two were too small. Instead of hoarding the shirts in the back of her drawer where they would serve no purpose other than to take up space, she decided to re-purpose them into fun, decorative pillows for her bed.

She picked out two of her favorite tees that she physically outgrew which had a couple of fun designs that would look cute upcycled into pillows. One says “Pretty In ACO 1982″ and the other says “Life’s Better In Board Shorts.”

The other two she chose were her favorite character shirts that she no longer would wear because she felt they were too babyish for high school, but not too childish to display as cool Cookie Monster and green M&M pillows in her room though.

Grab a few of your outgrown or souvenir tees (with mom and dads permission of course), some polyester stuffing, your sewing machine and follow along with this easy diy t-shirt pillow tutorial over on Hubpages where I posted the step-by-step instructions.

Get the instructions for this simple sewing craft for kids here!

Do you hoard old t-shirts? Do you keep them stuffed in a drawer or do you make usable keepsakes from them? I would love to make each of my kids a t-shirt blanket to give them when they move away from home.

Do you like this simple sewing craft for kids? Is this a craft that would interest your tween and teen children?