Ideas For Hosting A S’mores And Bonfire Backyard Party

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‘Tis the season for bonfires, s’mores and backyard fun! I put together some fun ideas for a S’mores And Bonfire Backyard Party that are perfect for children, family and adult parties including Halloween parties, pumpkin carving parties, harvest parties, neighborhood block Fall parties, bachelor parties, anniversary parties, couples showers and birthday parties. There are lots of ideas that are perfect for people of all ages, as well as ideas that are just for adults.

S'mores And Bonfire Backyard Party Ideas

Plan Your S’mores And Bonfire Backyard Party

The key to a successful party is planning and organization! In the weeks leading up to your party, there are lots of details to iron out. Doing as much as possible in advance will make your party more successful than leaving everything to the last minute. Your guests will enjoy themselves much more if they can visit with you, the host, instead of watching you running around because of ill preparation.

Here are a few things to think about and some questions to ask yourself before you get started:

  • Outdoor parties can be tricky to pull off because you have no control over the weather. Do you have a back up plan if the weather is not co-operative? If your party is contingent on the weather, it is a good idea to communicate that with your guests ahead of time. Even if your party is come rain or shine, guests should still be informed to avoid any confusion on party day and they can come dressed appropriately. You can still throw a great party in the rain with strategically placed tarps and party tents, but you need to be well prepared.
  • Are you allowed to have a bonfire in your yard or party location? Check your city’s bylaws for open burning regulations and noise curfews before you get to far ahead into your planning.
  • Will there be music? Are you using a stereo system and speakers, hiring a band or encouraging guests to bring their own guitars and musical instruments for a sing-along around the fire?
  • What bathroom are you going to allow guests to use? Do you need to rent a portable toilet? This is generally not an issue if you are inviting friends and family over, but if you are throwing a party and inviting people who you consider acquaintances, then you may not be as comfortable with people tromping through your house unattended or if it is muddy outside.
  • Where is everyone going to sit? Are you going to provide the seating or do you want people to bring their own chair? How are you going to set up the food and drinks? How many tables do you need?
  • Are you going to serve alcohol? If yes, are you going to provide the booze or do you want people to BYOB? Can people pitch a tent or park their motorhome in your yard if you plan on serving alcohol? Do you have a sober driver available if people drink too much and are unable to drive?
  • Is there going to be food served at your party besides s’mores? Are you going to provide the food or do you want people to bring a dish? What kind of tableware and flatware do you need?
  • Are kids welcome? What kinds of activities do you have planned to keep the kids busy and happy?

Do you use a planner? These super cute Bonfire and S’mores Printable Fall Planner Stickers are perfect for decorating your vertical planner and keeping your party planning on track.

S'mores And Bonfire Fall Planner StickersS’mores And Bonfire Fall Planner Stickers


Send Out Your Party Invites

Every party needs some guests. It is best to invite your guests three to six weeks before your party. People’s schedules fill up quickly with family and work obligations, so give them plenty of notice to make arrangements. Impress your guests with one of these Personalized Printable S’mores and Bonfire Party Invitations that look like they cost you a fortune, but actually cost very little.

These printable bonfire backyard party invites are available for order in my Etsy shop and are super easy to order! Add the invite of your choice to your cart, choose your file format, add your party details in the notes to seller box and checkout. Within 48 hours, you will receive a proof of your invite for you to preview. The final copies will sent to your email after you approve the proof, ready for you to print on a home printer, or at a photo lab or print shop.

Eat, Drink And Get Toasted InvitationEat, Drink And Get Toasted InvitationS'mores & Bonfire Party InvitationS’mores & Bonfire Party InvitationPumpkin Carving Party InvitationPumpkin Carving Party InvitationFall Party InvitationFall Party InvitationOutdoor Halloween Party InvitationOutdoor Halloween Party InvitationLet's Get Toasted InvitationLet’s Get Toasted Invitation


Prepare Your Fire Pit A Couple Of Days Ahead Of Time

The first thing you should do before you get started building your fire pit is to check with your city’s bylaws and open burning regulations. You may need a permit. Nothing ruins a great party more than the fire department showing up to issue you a big fat fine!

Choose an area that is not near any trees or shrubbery and clear the ground of debris such as loose sticks, rocks, grass and kid’s toys. Build your fire pit directly on the ground using large rocks, bricks or stones in the shape of a ring or use a fire pit bowl if you want to protect the surface of the ground. Fire pit bowls are great for using in landscaped yards and on cement patios.

Rectangle Fire Pit With Screen CoverRectangle Fire Pit With Screen CoverRound Cast Iron Copper Finish Fire Pit with ScreenRound Cast Iron Copper Finish Fire Pit with ScreenRustic Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit BowlRustic Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl

Keep some buckets and hose attached to a water source close by, but not laying in area where someone may trip over them. At the end of the night, douse your fire with water until it is completely out, breaking up the coals and wood as you do so. Coals can stay hot and re-ignite even after the flames of a fire are out.

Keep Calm And Build A Bonfire Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Build A Bonfire Chalkboard Sign


You will need a supply of firewood to keep your fire burning, but there are a couple things to keep in mind beforehand.

  • Always get your firewood locally or from a company who sells wood sourced locally. Transporting wood and deadfall from other areas contribute to the migration of invasive insects and plant diseases. Use wood sourced as close to your burn area as possible.
  • Avoid using pallets, pressure treated lumber, scrap wood or driftwood. These contain toxins and chemicals and are not considered safe for cooking or inhaling.
  • Use seasoned firewood that has been cut and dried out. Freshly cut firewood is too green and can be difficult to burn. Wet wood will create a lot of smoke and will not get hot enough to get a good burn going.
  • Soft woods such as pine, spruce, and fir, are the easiest woods for starting a fire. They ignite quickly, but they also burn quickly. Soft woods are perfect for small backyard fires because they burn for a shorter amount of time and are easy to put out with water at the end of the night. Hard woods can be added to the fire once it gets going. Hard woods take longer to burn and they put out much more heat than soft woods, but they can be a bit more difficult to douse once the party is over and can re-ignite from heat the wood retains internally.

Firewood Log CarrierFirewood Log CarrierShaker Log BinShaker Log BinAdjustable Length Log RackAdjustable Length Log Rack

Open Wood Fires Not Allowed? Use A Propane Or Natural Gas Fire Pit Instead!

Do you live in a city or area that does not allow open burning? Don’t like smelling like a campfire? A natural gas or propane fire pit table is a great alternative! You can still enjoy spending evenings outdoors in the cool, crisp weather and keep warm and cozy at the same time by huddling around the fire table.

Outdoor Fire Pit Table With CoverOutdoor Fire Pit Table With CoverFire Pit Coffee Table with Wicker BaseFire Pit Coffee Table with Wicker Base

Organize Your Party Supplies

You are going to need some roasting sticks for your party guests to toast marshmallows for making s’mores. Roasting forks and s’mores baskets are perfect for serving large crowds of people. The roasting sticks can also be used for roasting hot dogs.

Marshmallow Roasting ForksMarshmallow Roasting ForksOriginal S'more MakerOriginal S’more MakerSix-S'more Maker For BBQ or OvenSix-S’more Maker For BBQ or Oven

At a minimum, you will need to provide cups, plates, and napkins for your guests. If you plan on serving food in addition to s’mores, you will need bowls if you are serving chili or soup, plus flatware including spoons, forks, and knives. Tablecloths not only protect your tables, they add a big pop of color to your party arrangements. I am totally crushing on the bio-degradable plates and bamboo straws featured below.

Rustic Wood Plastic TableclothRustic Wood Plastic Tablecloth100% Cotton Plaid Tablecloth100% Cotton Plaid TableclothFlames BalloonsFlames BalloonsOrange BalloonsOrange BalloonsBrown And White Polka Dot BalloonsBrown And White Polka Dot BalloonsPlaid NapkinsPlaid NapkinsAll Natural 100% Compostable Disposable Party PlatesAll Natural 100% Compostable Disposable Party PlatesGreen Disposable Wooden Cutlery KitGreen Disposable Wooden Cutlery KitOrange Paper PlatesOrange Paper PlatesSquare Brown Paper Cake PlatesSquare Brown Paper Cake PlatesBirch Paper StrawsBirch Paper StrawsOrange Plastic CupsOrange Plastic Cups

Ideas For Setting Up A S’mores Bar And Drink Station

Designate an area specifically for s’more building by setting up a table with a variety of s’mores ingredients. Direct your party guests to the table with a S’mores Bar or S’mores Station printable party sign. Laminate the signs to make them more durable for the outdoor weather. You can even wipe them clean at the end of the night and store them for next year’s party.

S'mores Station Chalkboard SignS’mores Station Chalkboard SignS'mores Station SignS’mores Station SignS'mores Bar Chalkboard SignS’mores Bar Chalkboard SignS'mores Bar SignS’mores Bar SignS'mores And Bonfire Party Chalkboard SignS’mores And Bonfire Party Chalkboard SignS'mores And Bonfire Party SignS’mores And Bonfire Party Sign


You can’t have a s’mores bar without s’more ingredients! Fill up bowls with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate candy. Add some fun choices to your menu by including a variety of fillers to choose from such as flavored marshmallows, peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, nutty chocolate bars, caramels and even cooked bacon strips. An assortment of cookies is also another fun offering.

Smores MarshmallowsSmores MarshmallowsHershey's S'mores KitHershey’s S’mores KitSmores KitSmores Kit

A designated drink station keeps the beverages organized. Set up tubs filled with ice to keep the water, juice, pop and alcoholic beverages cold and fill up thermal urns with hot cocoa and coffee to keep the warm beverages hot.

42-Cup Coffee Urn42-Cup Coffee UrnParty Tub with StandParty Tub with Stand

For an adult party, these Get Toasted Party Signs featuring a pair of mugs filled with frosty beer would look super cute set up near the drinks. After your guests have a few, they may be in need of a sign to direct them to the bevies, ha ha!

Let's Get Toasted SignLet’s Get Toasted SignEat Drink And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignEat Drink And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard Sign


Set Up A Hand Washing Station

S’mores are sticky business! Set up a hand washing station that includes a bin or jug of warm water for your guests to rinse their hands as needed. If you have ever tried to clean s’mores off your hands with a dry paper napkin, then you know that the napkin will just end up sticking to your hands, adding to the mess!

Decorating Ideas For A S’mores And Bonfire Party

Decorate your outdoor space with party decor and tableware to add a cohesive feel to your theme. Any outdoor-themed decorations would look great. Some ideas include brown and orange decorations, lumberjack decorations and rustic wood decorations. I think it would be so much fun to hide the brown bear life-sized cutout in a bathroom or tucked behind a tree to give your guests an extra thrilling fun time, hee, hee. Photo booth props are all the rage at parties. Encourage your guests to grab a prop and snap a picture. A great way to document your party.

Outhouse Door CoverOuthouse Door CoverCampfire Table CenterpieceCampfire Table CenterpieceTree Bark Footed ServerTree Bark Footed ServerLumberjack Photo Booth PropsLumberjack Photo Booth PropsWooden Card HoldersWooden Card HoldersBirch Place Card HolderBirch Place Card HolderFlame Cupcake WrappersFlame Cupcake WrappersFire Cupcake Food PicksFire Cupcake Food PicksBrown Bear Life Size Cardboard StandupBrown Bear Life Size Cardboard StandupHanging Flame LightHanging Flame LightOil Lantern String LightsOil Lantern String LightsRed Party Cup String LightsRed Party Cup String Lights

Printable Party Signs are an inexpensive way to add a big impact to your party and they help tie your theme together. All these signs measure 8″ x 10″ and are available as JPEG and PDF. Laminate the signs to protect them from the outdoor weather to make them last indefinitely. They also make awesome party favors too.

Eat Drink And Get S'mored Chalkboard SignEat Drink And Get S’mored Chalkboard SignEat Drink And Get S'mored SignEat Drink And Get S’mored SignLet's Get S'mored SignLet’s Get S’mored SignLet's Get S'mored SignLet’s Get S’mored SignKeep Calm And Get S'mored Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get S’mored Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get S'mored SignKeep Calm And Get S’mored SignKeep Calm And Eat S'mores Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Eat S’mores Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Eat S'mores SignKeep Calm And Eat S’mores SignEat Drink And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignEat Drink And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Get Toasted Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Roast Marshmallows Chalkboard SignKeep Calm And Roast Marshmallows Chalkboard SignLet's Get Toasted Chalkboard SignLet’s Get Toasted Chalkboard Sign


Put Out A Basket of Mitts, Toques, Blankets And Extra Socks

Don’t let the cold weather put a damper on your party or your guests! Keep your guests comfortable and warm by offering up mittens, toques, blankets and extra socks. You can get mitts, hats, socks and fleece blankets at dollar stores for cheap. After the party, if you no longer have a need for these items, local shelters, and thrift stores would appreciate the donation. These also make excellent party favors for a kid’s bonfire party!

Party Favors Ideas For A Kids Party

Are you hosting a family or children’s s’mores and bonfire party? Here are some ideas for party favors they may enjoy, such as glow sticks, mini flashlights, s’more flavored treats, card games, Mad Libs, an ornament and even a s’mores craft. I am totally digging that S’mores Duck Tape! Mitts, fuzzy socks, and fleece blankets also make great bonfire party favors for kids and adults.

Glow SticksGlow SticksS'Mores OrnamentS’Mores OrnamentS'mores Please Duct TapeS’mores Please Duct TapeFlashlight Key ChainsFlashlight Key ChainsS'mores Oreo CookiesS’mores Oreo Cookies3D S'mores Foam Craft Activity3D S’mores Foam Craft ActivityS'mores Luna BarS’mores Luna BarS'mores Salt Water TaffyS’mores Salt Water TaffyM&M'S S'mores Crispy Chocolate CandyM&M’S S’mores Crispy Chocolate CandyMore S'mores Card GameMore S’mores Card GameUNO Wilderness GameUNO Wilderness Game

Bonfire Party Games And Activities

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year for hosting an outdoor family party. There are so many fun activities that are perfect for fall such as pumpkin carving, pumpkin bowling, hayrides and bobbing for apples. These activities are great for the whole family to enjoy and build memories together.

Party games are also a great way to break the ice and get the party started. Below you will find a selection of games that are ideal for playing around the campfire, board games that can be set up on picnic tables and outdoor games that can be played on the lawn or dirt. Lots of fun for everyone!

Toasted or Roasted Card GameToasted or Roasted Card GameS'Mores The Card GameS’Mores The Card GameSpot It! Gone Camping Card GameSpot It! Gone Camping Card GameDeer in the HeadlightsDeer in the HeadlightsS'Quarrels: The Game of Absolute NutsS’Quarrels: The Game of Absolute NutsBULZiBUCKET Indoor Outdoor GameBULZiBUCKET Indoor Outdoor GameGiant Yardzee Lawn YahtzeeGiant Yardzee Lawn YahtzeeBocce Ball Set with Carrying CaseBocce Ball Set with Carrying Case

Adult Bonfire Backyard Party Games And Activities

Bonfires, s’mores, beer, great friends and party games = outrageous fun! Party games are not just for kids. These games provide hours of hilarious entertainment for adults. The drunker you are, the better! Come to the party prepared to have a good time with your beer guzzling helmet and beer bong.

DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board GameDRINK-A-PALOOZA Board GameDRUNK STONED OR STUPID Party GameDRUNK STONED OR STUPID Party GameParty Bong Single Beer Bong Funnel with ValveParty Bong Single Beer Bong Funnel with ValveBeer & Soda Guzzler HelmetBeer & Soda Guzzler HelmetDrunko Drink or Dare Party Card GameDrunko Drink or Dare Party Card Game

Thanks for visiting and I hope you found these s’mores and bonfire backyard party ideas helpful. Happy Fall Y’all!

S'mores And Bonfire Backyard Party Ideas

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